Project Description



Project Type:  Education

Construction Type:  Mixed Use – Commercial, Residential

Work Performed: Design

Year Designed:  2018

Material Type: Wood

Project Location:  Fargo, ND

Project Size: 100,000 SF

Project Description

The Multi-Use Apartment Building serves as the first project assigned in the second semester of second year architecture school. Groups of four were assigned to choose a site location near downtown Fargo that provided enough area when divided for four different apartment buildings designed by each student. As a group project, working together was crucial in the dividing of the site and working together to create a sense of uniformity between all the buildings as one complex. Once the site was divided evenly, each student was to design a unique multi-use apartment building. The integration of different unit sizes and amenities allowed each student to uniquely design a project that would house people.

Considering all the possibilities of a successful site location to any design is crucial. The site must possess important factors such as, but not limited to, location to neighboring amenities, other means of transportation, walkability, and size. This site was chosen due to its size with the ability to incorporate four different buildings, but also its proximity to transportation. The site neighbors the Fargo/Moorhead MAT Bus Transportation Center and is also a short walk to downtown and the downtown NDSU campus. Being the nature of the location, this building was designed for the use of anyone, but will show more attractive to students and middle-aged renters alike. With an unattractive transportation center to the north and the railroad tracks to the south, the complex was designed with community in mind. All buildings were placed together to create a community space within.

Life is busy, the goal in mind was to allow the occupants of this building to come home to a place where they can unwind after a busy day instead of just a place to sleep. The progression up the six floors will bring the occupants back to relaxation from the ground floor retail space where you can enjoy a nice cup