Project Description



Project Type: Professional

Construction Type: Residential

Work Performed: Design & Collaborative Build

Year Designed: 2018

Material Type: Wood, Concrete

Project Location: Brainerd, MN

Project Size: 2,918 SF

Project Description

This project was initially introduced to Riley Design Build in 2018 when the clients wanted to build a lake cabin on a piece of land they had just bought. The Herdina Cabin was to be used as a family cabin as well as a place for the clients to retire. The clients requested a simple timeless design for cost and building. As the client would be acting as the lead builder, RDB has been in coordination with parts of the build such as pouring the ICF walls as well as framing, roofing, siding, and interior finishing.

Looking out onto beautiful Lake Edward, the cabin stands as a 3 bed 2 bath boasting a total square footage of 2,918 square feet. The cabin is constructed of ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) that provides higher R-Value and requires less energy required to heat and cool versus typical wood-framed houses. Additionally, ICFs require minimal maintenance and are strong enough to handle any weather mother nature throws at them. Highly recognizable from the lake side with its impressively steep 16/12 peak. Large window openings approaching 7’ high provide maximum views and plenty of natural light for the client to enjoy the lakefront property.

This project has been such a great opportunity and provides valuable experience for the projects to come. From the initial design process to the joint efforts of construction with the client, the project is beginning to form its interior and siding will be installed in the spring of 2020.