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I find it fitting that the first RBD blog post is meant to introduce and touch on the companies standing in the professional world. RBD is currently undergoing website and social media development. I, Conner Riley, am just weeks away from graduation at North Dakota State University with a Bachelors in Architecture. This means I will be able to begin studying for my ARE tests. Upon completion of the 7 Architect Registration Exams (ARE’s), another box will be checked off on my to do list, one more box closer to Architectural certification. This summer will be dedicated to gaining Architectural experience hours and a continuation of research in preparation for my Masters of Architecture thesis next semester. In the meantime, Riley Design Build serves as a foundation to the future of design and successes through the eyes of a practicing, but future Architect. A platform to continue to navigate the professional world of design & construction away from school and the office. As an Architectural Intern my responsibilities are limited, the same limitations roll over into the type of tasks I do on projects assigned to me. I will need to understand all aspects of the Architectural world in order to one day have my very own firm. This process is long, but rewarding. Over 3,000+ experience hours will need to be logged alongside the 7 ARE tests.

Riley Design Build not only serves as a platform for projects to be completed without an Architectural Certification, but a way to practice design, hone carpentry and construction skills, create important connections, and further understanding of the process in its entirety. An Architect with an understanding of what it takes to build something will be able to create better designs with a mental picture of how it will go together.

Riley Design Build is the ability to continue what I love to do, designing & building. Hence, Riley Design Build. I will continue to do “side projects” throughout the rest of my life, but RDB is the opportunity to do meaningful work earlier and professionally.

“In the big picture, architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings fit with the way we want to live our lives.”

– Bjarke Ingels

Stay Tuned for More!

I hope you enjoyed Riley Design Build’s first ever Blog post! Check back for future posts related to all things design & build. I might just start posting entries relating to my upcoming thesis work .

With a focus on Residential Design and all considerations to how Better Design can influence Better Life.

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